WTF am I doing?

Hi Cyber Sweeties,

You’re here! You’ve made it to my little corner of the world – this tiny hole built just for you.

I must confess, I’m not entirely sure who you are or why you’ve come here. I can’t begin to understand your life’s journey, what your insides are made of or why you feel so utterly lost today. All I know is that I oftentimes find myself saying this little phrase:

WTF am I doing?

Burning toast: WTF am I doing?

Losing my job: WTF am I doing?

Chopping my hair off: WTF am I doing?

Writing this blog: WTF am I doing?

Watching Sound of Music for the 12th time in a row: WTF am I doing?

Following Kim Kardashian on Instagram: WTF am I doing?

Truth is, most of my days are filled with big or small moments of “WTF,” and I had a feeling you might feel the same way.

So here’s the deal (and a moment of history…)

When I lived in Pittsburgh, I created this epic Bucket List for the City of Bridges. My best friend slash soul mate slash Queen of My Heart came to visit. We decided to try yoga in Market Square on a brisk Sunday morning.

We rolled up our mats and joined 40 others in the center of the city. All the streets had been closed. No cars were in site. It was quiet.

As my friend and I giggled our way through each pose, trying our best to look like expert yogis, we stumbled across a profound moment.

“Ommmmm…” the instructor said, “Together.”

Ommmmm. Complete silence. Sky-skrapers surrounded us. The sky wasn’t even particularly radiant. Raindrops had started to fall. Not a soul spoke other than this sonorous hum.

It was absolutely beautiful. It was like standing at the end of the word inside yourself while being hugged by everybody around you at once.

Yeah, that all sounds a tad bit crunchy granola, mush-gushy (even I’m thinking a little WTF right now), but bear with me.

Everybody came to that event for different reasons. Maybe they were mega yogis, maybe their best friend coerced them or maybe they wanted to try something new, but whatever the reason, we all ended up there: in the same square, with the same sky-ticklers around us, all humming our hearts out.

Ommmmm. We were in it together.

And so are we. You and me and the rest of this corner of the universe. We’re all saying “WTF” to something, and we’ve all shown up here for different reasons. So now, it’s time to collectively lean on each other and hum it out.

This is place to ask questions and to seek answers for your WTF moments.

I’m here to help, to listen and to facilitate counsel – because lets be real – I don’t have all the answers.

I’m also here to share stories of the WTFers of the world in new ways: through written words, physical art and music. I want to get to know you, and then I want others to be inspired by your story.

Maybe that time you couldn’t stop laughing at your Great Aunt Matilda’s funeral inspires somebody to write their next jazz ensemble.

Or maybe, your japanese fan art collection that made you the butt of childhood bullying sparks a writer’s next short story.

I’m not about to start a long “wounds, healing, sharing” bit (sigh of relief for the spared cliche), but what I am starting is a community. A community of artists and ordinary people hoping to share their stories, their problems, their inspirations and their guidance.

Sounds like a tall order for one little blog. So here’s how it works, Cyber Sweeties:

  • Write to me about your WTF moments, good bad and ugly. Just feel like sharing a story? Great.
  • Write to me for guidance, big or small. If I can’t answer, I will find somebody in our community with wiser words than I.
  • Hey artists: If you get inspired by somebody’s story or WTF moment, share with me your work. Let’s show the world that the most ordinary of people are cause for big celebrations and inspirations in others.

So there you have it my fellow WTFers. Let’s get our ommmmm on.

All my love,


WTF am I doing?

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