What to be when you grow up?

Dear Jiminy,

The age old question. As a child of five it’s exploratory, limitless. Fireflies of imagination spark avenues in every direction with possibilities. The world is your oyster, dare I say. Doctor. Superhero. Princess. Astronaut. At five, the entire world seems bursting with options.

What changes? As we grow and experience life our interests change and unknowingly those little fireflies illuminating endless avenues slowly begin to fade out. Unfortunately, all too often as imagination takes a back seat and those once bright pathways now appear dim and frightening one by one that little excited five year old hops on the conveyer belt of life and accepts a mundane truth that poisons the mind into thinking “you can’t be anything you want.

You must make realistic, financially sound choices in your career. That will lead to success.” Some call this maturity. The acceptance that a person can’t actually be ANYTHING they want for a career.

Some feel that this acceptance revolves around place and order of the world. For those not born into circumstance, more and more fireflies igniting options become dim.
The right schools, location, tutors, extracurriculars, and/or connections were not at finger length to make all desired job options a reality.

The question is how? How do we balance the bursting 5 years old within ourselves with the young adult who has accepted a ride on the conveyer belt of life? How do you choose between the selfish wants of happiness and the guarentee of a paycheck and security?

For me, it’s mindnumbingly painful. In one hand I crave the excitement of a life of adventure. On the other hand, I desire the normalcy of the original ‘American Dream.’

The idea of every being in love with a job baffles me; as if the great conveyer belt is a hypnotist of this thing we call maturity.

Thoughts that tend to drowned me..



What to be when you grow up?